How to ACT and SAT like a pro

How to ACT and SAT like a pro

Photo by: Jackson Glenn

Story by: Jackson Glenn, Social Media Manager

ACT and SAT testing stresses people out, but only if they do not know what they’re doing. With these ACT and SAT skills, students will easily find success in both tests.

  • Go to bed early

Getting plenty of rest the night before helps test takers stay energized and focused. Falling asleep during a big test that decides a student’s future does not sound like a good idea, so getting plenty of sleep prevents this issue from happening.  

  • Cramming does not help

Cramming for a test comes pretty close to adding fuel to a fire; it makes the situation worse. According to BBC, cramming for a test does not help students score better. Instead of cramming, studying beforehand can improve the score a student receives.

  • “Are you ready, Freddy?”

Get the checklist ready, honey. Diligent students who bring the needed test taking materials, a pencil or a calculator, possess a higher chance of success than those who do not. offers many courses of study and can help make the ACT and SAT a whole lot easier.

  • ‘Eat fresh’

Put down that nasty, greasy $2 breakfast food item. Eating healthy boosts students’ mentality and helps them focus. Eat things like bananas and eggs to get plenty of vitamins and lots of smarticle particles.

  • Keep calm

Test takers have absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to the SAT and ACT. Nobody said the tests give easy questions, but a lot of the content consists of the curriculum in classes taken during a student’s sophomore year, probably the easiest curriculum for high school students, minus chemistry.

  • Baby it’s cold in there

Dressing in layers will save a life. Wearing a simple jacket should suffice if the room gets too cold, and if the room gets too hot, just take off the jacket.

  • Early bird

Arriving early at the testing building will save everyone from all that frustration. Show up at least 30 minutes early to avoid the behemoth of all lines.

  • Manage time wisely

Do not spend too much time on a question. Spending an even amount of time on questions will save test takers so much time and energy to tackle those tougher questions.

  • Guess a lot

Guessing on a test can bring test takers closer to sweet sweet victory. When guessing, eliminating the hopelessly wrong answers can increase the chances of answering correctly and receiving a higher score.

  • All the time in the world

Both the ACT and SAT take up about three hours. That does not sound very long, but when a student sits in a room with other countless students, it will feel like those three hours turn into six. Just remember to use time wisely and efficiently.