Overproduced. The only word capable of describing not one, but two music videos composed by none other than boy band Mindless Behavior.

Watching “Keep Her On The Low” and “All Around The World” seemed like one giant propaganda parade tangled with music produced to cause tone deafness. These little Will.I.Am nuggets raise the question: music video or extremely lengthy commercial?

Clearly, advertising their music doesn’t convey the theme of the music video, but even if it did these boys remain everything but unaverage. They have the same typical, cookie-cutter sound. One day they may realize if they put as much time into the music as they did in those ridiculous videos, they may not need to distract people. The energy put in results in what they get out. Normal effort equals normal sound. In all seriousness, if music does not work out for Mindless Behavior maybe they should advocate for Beats By Dre, which calls for just as much hype as this group of kids.

To Mindless Behavior: there’s a distinction between pop music and Pop Water, a water brand repeatedly advertised throughout the band’s music videos. Pick a side and stay on it.