Freshman academy: Comfortable place to get used to giant tank


Next school year, incoming freshmen will have their own academy, separate from the other three grades. This separation will allow ninth-graders to learn expectations and give them more time to decide on what academy to choose.


Freshmen need a strong and firm hand from administration guiding them. They’re like fish, once stuck in a small bowl and then released into a huge tank. They don’t know where to go and what to do with the new freedom given to them in high school. With assistant principals and counselors specifically focusing on their class, chances of ninth-graders getting off the education track or breaking the rules will decrease and will focus them to take their first year seriously.


The new change will benefit the incoming freshmen.They have adults who care and want to focus on their needs so their next three years in high school will pay off. Many students regret not taking freshman year seriously. They either chose blow-off classes and did not get the required ones out the way, or didn’t even try to get good grades throughout the year. It’s not until about junior year that students realize the importance of their GPA. Sometimes students complain about a fraction of a point that determined if they made it in the top 10 percent. Counselors can advise ninth-graders so classes they take will benefit them no matter what route they choose.


Allowing them their own academy can help incoming freshmen feel right at home. The new academy surrounds them with people they already know, a plus for incoming ninth-graders. Sometimes a person may find it difficult to make new friends in high school, and let’s face it, upperclassmen have intimidating qualities.


The new freshmen may not like this idea since they will think they’re deprived of the experiences their older siblings had, but they should understand that many upperclassmen would have enjoyed that much attention and guidance. Next year’s ninth-graders who oppose the idea now will thank the administration later.

The freshman academy will work in favor of the incoming fishies, giving them better opportunities, closer relationships and a better idea of what the rest of high school should look like. The administration made a wise decision that will positively affect the years to come.