Sam Says

To all the current juniors, past juniors and future juniors, this is for you.

I’ve heard it many times. “Junior year is the hardest.” I honestly thought everyone stretched the truth, and maybe I’m acting like a drama queen, but so far that little saying proves true.

I know it’s only the beginning, but this first six weeks creates a huge blow to my self-esteem. I’m so used to referring to myself as the smart girl, “Everyone copy off of Samantha.” Yet my grades do not reflect the A’s I’m so used to. I’m not failing, but I’m not excelling.

It seems as though I constantly have to study. No breaks for TV, naps, video games, make-up sessions, manicures, shopping and sitting. Every week a teacher announces to the class a test we have next week, while everyone still tries to recover from taking this week’s test.

I do not recall ever having to stress about so many tests or quizzes, having to finish full textbook pages from Algebra II, and analyzing speeches and narratives for English every night. Is there ever a week of just pure worksheets done in class without the hassle of getting homework?

And if having to carry all the assignments from my classes is not enough, try adding the load of an outdated laptop for U.S. History. My arms go numb, my neck tenses and I wonder why I put up with this.

Teachers should realize we have seven of them, they all give homework, and they all schedule their tests on the same days. How do they think I am going to manage to cram everything all seven of my teachers taught in a week span, and take a test on it three or four days later? Students want a social life. It is, after all, high school.

As a person who Ioves recognition, I can’t begin to stress how much frustration I feel to see my grades slip. To think that my teacher will think of me as just one of the other students who does not care scares me.

I’m one of the students who loves to learn, loves to get good grades and loves school. I am one of the few who actually cares.

So here’s what I propose. You can act responsibly and prepare yourself for junior year, or slack off and screw up your GPA, graduating with your class, and any chances of getting into college. Junior year does not compare to freshman or sophomore year. Sam says to take junior year seriously.