Spring fashion show highlights work by advanced fashion design students


The annual spring fashion show will take place on Thursday, April 5 in the auditorium. Advanced fashion design students plan the entire show and design each of the clothing items featured on the runway.

Fashion design teacher Amanda White said that students work on the show year-round and that the event provides a way to showcase students’ skills.

“We have some really amazing talent in the show including a luminescent garment,” White said.

White said that students who take the class gain a sense of their own personal style and get the opportunity to create original fashion trends. They develop these abilities by learning how to work with and manipulate clothing.

“It’s really important to understand the basics of the principles and elements of design as well as have basic knowledge of sewing,” White said.

Fashion design student Julia Paxson described her style as geometric and clean, taking influences from business casual looks. She also said she takes inspiration from past designers like Coco Chanel and Oscar de la Renta.

“I really like abstract sculptures,” Paxson said. “I took fashion design because I’m really interested in fashion. I really like artistic classes.”

Paxon said she feels stressed about the show, but also excited to showcase her work.

“I’m just excited of everything I’ve been doing this year,” Paxson said. “I’m nervous just to be up there.”