Academy Night serves freshmen, sophomores

To aid the freshmen in choosing a new program of study, the faculty and administration held Academy Night on Feb. 26 and featured and highlighted the main selling points of each academy.

“Academy Night showed me what type of things and what academy I wanted to get in for the rest of high school,” freshman Jada Ward said.

The event followed a flexible schedule to accommodate all freshmen and incoming eighth graders so they could get the full experience of what they have to look forward to next year.

“Ninth graders got a better understanding of how the academy structure and programs of study work and were able to do so at their leisure,” English III teacher John White said.

Along with academies, the night also featured all the electives offered. Each teacher had the option to showcase the elective they teach to draw next year’s students in.

“The electives fair made me aware of classes I did not know Creek offered which helped me alot,” freshman Jordan Chavis said.

Overall, White said that the night was successful and the turnout exceeded his expectations.

“We were really proud of the fact that we were able to set up times where anybody could come at their convenience,” White said. “Because of that we had a huge turnout. It allowed flexibility for parents and students to take their time exploring.”