Rally with Lally wrap up

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Flipping to success
November 22, 2017

Photo by: Staff

Students participated in an egg race: the goal was to cross the field without dropping an egg and breaking it.

‘Round and ‘round and ‘round and ’round. Hazy vision and blurry motion did not let her lose her focus on the main goal: going around the yellow cone  to bring home the victory for the girls. As sophomore Ailyn Carbajal, spun around with her forehead on a little league baseball bat, she heard the chants and laughters of the 100+ students gathered at Cypress Creek for the first, and certainly not last, Rally with Lally.

“Whenever I was doing all these events, I was seeing that all these seniors and juniors were having, like, the time of their life even if we were doing something so silly,” Carbajal said. “We were just all having a great time.”

Cypress Creek Key Club sponsor, WIlliam Lally, started a new tradition this year to help raise awareness and funds for the American Cancer Society. The rally included a running portion, an egg toss, a water balloon toss, a spinning bat relay, a spoon-egg carry relay and many other events.

“It’s fun to see the kids being kids, having fun, and letting go of their stress and just enjoying what turned out be a perfect morning,” Lally said.

The American Cancer Society is an organization on a mission to cure the world of cancer by funding and conducting research, supporting patients and sharing expert information. Lally decided this event would provide aid in helping this organization reach its goal. The rally raised money three different ways: T-shirts, registration for the event, and Lally’s personal Go Fund Me account. In all, raising about $1800.

“My thoughts are all positive,” Lally said, “It was a fun event and I belief that we were able to raise awareness along with the money for the American Cancer Society.”

Vicki Snokhous, Principal at Cypress Creek High School, had approving feedback about the event. She loves to see students and staff participating in out of school events and bettering the community.

Cypress Creek is a great school full of positive people including staff members and students,” Snokhous said.

Overall the first Rally with Lally ended with a huge success and a morning full of fun and togetherness for people of all ages. Each event had its own obstacle and challenge, but in the end everyone came out with a win.

“This whole journey I’ve been on over the past year has been emotional, enjoyable, and necessary,” Lally said. “Too many people close to me have been affected by cancer, and it bothers me to my core. I’m not a doctor or a scientist, so this is how I can contribute.”