Junior’s Ornament Picked for 2018 Capitol Tree Display

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Junior’s Ornament Picked for 2018 Capitol Tree Display


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Sitting upon a 23-foot Christmas tree in the House Chamber of the Texas Capitol, an ornament created by Cypress Creek’s very own Sierah Haines will represent the Northwest Harris County district.

Each year an ornament will join those chosen from all 150 Texas House districts to decorate the eye-opening, Texas grown tree. Going into the tenth year, the project highlights advanced artistic skills from a select few of art students. Haines’ ornament presents a unique spin on the devastating effects of last year’s Hurricane Harvey.

“The ornament shows several outstretched hands reaching towards the sun’s rays, symbolizing hope,” Haines said. “Numerous flowers grow despite the heavy rain.”

Haines, a member of the Houston community, saw the effects of Harvey first hand. The ornament ties Houston together as a whole, displaying the tragedy and heart-wrenching aftermath.

“It represents the compassion and perseverance of the citizens of the 126th District during and after Hurricane Harvey,” Haines said.

The ornament will hang from November 29 to January 2 in Austin, Texas. Many have already had the opportunity of seeing the work of art in person. Principal Vicki Snokhous had nothing but praise for Haines’ work.

“I am super proud of our student, Sierah Haines and teacher Angela Guy,” Snokhous said. “It is absolutely beautiful.”

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