Evan Harris Reviews Rise of Skywalker


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker may be one of the most important movies to come out in 2019. It marks the end of the long-running Skywalker Saga, beloved by millions around the world. While many fans lined up to see this movie, not all the fans came out of the theater feeling as though this was a satisfying end to the Skywalker Saga.


Rise of Skywalker is chock-full of exhilarating moments that have viewers on the edge of their seats, one of the most notable being a duel between Rey and Kylo Ren partially shown in the trailers. Additionally, this movie has many moments of beautiful scenery and cinematography, not to mention all of these are enhanced by an amazing score by John Williams. While these moments are very satisfying, they don’t divert attention from the main problem; this movie suffers from plot holes that never get filled. This is mainly because this movie has the same problem as many of its predecessors; many of the important events happen off screen. Many events discussed in the opening sequence were never discussed so we were just left wondering. Palpatine’s return specifically would have been great to see on screen or at least talked about, but it was just left to the imagination.


Rise of Skywalker has a very obvious goal of trying to recreate the original trio of Luke, Leia and Han with Rey, Finn and Poe. However, with the little screen time that these three characters have together, much of their development has happened off-screen, so I didn’t really feel as though the stakes were as high as they set out to be. While Daisy Ridley seems at her most confident during this movie, the star, in my opinion, is Adam Driver. Even though he does not have much screen time, he brings out a new side of his character that we haven’t seen before. While the new characters such as Babu Frik and D-O look cool, many don’t offer much to the story other than comic relief or slight story exposition. I would have loved to see them build a little more off the characters or at least do a little something more with them.


There was a lot to process coming out of this movie. It has a very important job of satisfying all the fans while tying up 42 years worth of story-telling, and it just doesn’t do that successfully. Ending a series as beloved as Star Wars is no easy feat, and you can feel the pressure and anxiety in this film. The lack of risks taken due to the fear of disappointing the audience gives this movie a pretty poor execution. While this movie may be enough for those who are just in it for the adventure, those who are more interested in the lore and the logic may leave the theater feeling lackluster and kind of disappointed by the results.