You Choose this Adventure

Netflix’s Black Mirror produced a whole new concept of watching movies on its streaming service. Bandersnatch is the psychological thriller that works as an interactive enticing experience that can keep the fans interested.

Bandersnatch promotes the “Choose Your Own Story” style where the viewer picks certain options that the character would act out and each set of choices creates different endings. With more than five outcomes, plus a secret ending, the film gained popularity across the internet and all social media.

The film, set in 1984, follows a young video game programmer who wants to produce a game called “Bandersnatch”, based off the book written by Jerome F. Davies. As the viewer advances through the story, the main character Stefan Butler, begins to question reality which brings back the natural dark and empty feeling a Black Mirror episode would normally give off.

During certain points throughout the episode, the viewer gets to choose certain options that will affect the storyline. The prompt for the two options stay on the screen for ten seconds and in these moments, the viewer controls the story. Choices range from the type of cereal Stefan eats to ending his own life. The show automatically selects an option if the viewer does not act fast enough.

The story contains at least one-trillion different choice variations Netflix says and will run for 90 minutes but time can vary based on the viewer’s choices. Fans could watch and play for hours to come to a final ending which opened the door for an elongated episode of mystery and fun.

Viewers of this new concept debate whether it should stand as a game or a film as they wait in anticipation for Netflix to release an official name. However, the new addition to Netflix’s collection really captures the attention of many users all around America and innovates the way people watch movies on the popular streaming service.