Embracing new December holidays


Photo by: Lydia Estepp

The little holidays deserve recognition too

The holidays provide a time for family, food and friends, so why limit the season to only a handful of days to celebrate? Celebrating the less popular holidays can give the year a little extra fun and cheer.

December 12 – Poinsettia day

This day provides the early opportunity to get into the Christmas spirit by celebrating the classic red flower that has helped spread holiday cheer for years. The holiday spurs from the Aztecs, and parades on this day commemorate the discovery and symbolism of the flower.

December 16 – National chocolate covered anything day

This one speaks for itself. Take this day to chase your bliss and eat your heart out. Maybe try making a new dessert with friends on this holiday like chocolate covered strawberries or chocolate covered baked goods.

December 21 – Winter solstice

This holiday marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year. Early civilizations kept track of the solstices using structures such as the famous Stonehenge to measure the length of the days. Several ancient groups of people celebrated both the winter and summer solstices, and now the world still recognizes both days each year. After this solstice, the days will grow longer again, meaning it will thankfully stop getting dark at five in the afternoon.

December 24 – Hanukkah starts

This Jewish holiday lasts until Jan. 1 and often goes forgotten next to Christmas.Those who celebrate Hanukkah commemorate the historical rebellion of the Jewish people against the Greek by lighting each candle on the menorah, eating traditional Jewish dishes and giving presents to loved ones.

December 26 – Boxing day

Why stop the gift giving so soon? This British holiday continues the present train another day after Christmas, and it traditionally provides the opportunity to give gifts to those who usually go unappreciated.

December 26 – Start of Kwanzaa

This African American holiday originated in 1966 as part of the Civil Rights Movement. Kwanzaa lasts from Dec. 26 to the first of January and each day those who celebrate honor a different important value such as unity, faith, and creativity. On Dec. 31, families who celebrate Kwanzaa gather for the feast of karamu to eat traditional African dishes.

December 27 – Make some cutout snowflakes day

Even after Christmas ends, the winter spirit can stay alive with this holiday. Paper snowflakes make amazing home decorations for the holidays and creating them with friends makes for a fun and festive activity.

December 30 – Bacon day

This holiday celebrates America’s ever-popular meaty treat, bacon! This day provides the opportunity to fix the perfect bacon-filled breakfast, a delicious BLT, or a fresh bacon sprinkled salad.

December 31 – Unlucky day

Better get all that bad luck out before the new year starts! Everyone has unlucky days, and this holiday provides the chance to appreciate and celebrate the lucky days we take for granted.

From silly days to celebrate with friends to the special holidays often overshadowed, the month of December doesn’t have to focus on only Christmas. Hopefully these less popular holidays and fun ideas for celebration will help make your holiday season the best ever!