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Why every student needs the IPhone 7

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Earlier this month Apple released the iPhone 7, which will soon take its place as the rightful leader of American technology. With many benefits of the new iPhone for the average teenager, every student should own one to maximize their educational experience.

The iPhone 7 can resist splash and water damage for up to 30 minutes at a time, which means the phone can withstand the tears of its owner as they review their report cards in disappointment. Also, while cheering in the student section at football games, iPhone 7 owners can remain worry free as they get pelted with water bottles from overexcited freshmen.

The phone features a dual-camera system which can capture clearer photos faster, and a larger memory with options ranging from 32 GB to 256 GB. With these updates, students can take “notes” by photographing their teacher’s PowerPoint faster and more clearly than any other iPhone, and they will not run out of room in their photo album for all their notes. The design of the iPhone 7 keeps the unmotivated student purchasers in mind, and the company should earn new customers as a reward for their valiant efforts.

Apple decided to eradicate the physical button function of the home button, and instead the “button” features pressure and fingerprint sensors that allow for more functionality. Many opposers to the new iPhone say such changes making the phone easier to use will encourage lazy student behavior, but Apple simply knows their market and successfully caters to their needs, especially students suffering from senioritis. However, students of all grade levels should purchase the iPhone 7 because not needing to press a home button on their phone will remove one more stressful step in a student’s day-to-day routine.

The iPhone 7 meets all the needs of the Cypress Creek student, and instead of spending budget money on unimportant things such as textbooks, food or student resources, the school should allow room in the budget to purchase an iPhone 7 for every student. The phone represents a revolutionary technological innovation that will greatly improve the high school experience for students, and the long overdue submission of Cy Creek to Apple.