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The Children of Creek

photo by Dominique McClain

Story by: Amelia Reyes and Dominique McClain

January 8, 2019

Within our campus, the Child Guidance program allows students hands-on experience with children that will benefit them in the future. This program prepares teachers and excellent leaders of tomorrow. Junior Arianne Gobert-Nutal shares her experience and enjoyment of working with kids, as well as h...

Student designs Tech Fest brochure

Student designs Tech Fest brochure

Story by: Sam Billings, Editor-in-Chief

April 24, 2018

Senior Lydia Estepp was selected by the district to design and create the brochure for the district Technology Festival on April 12. The festival provides an opportunity showcase student's technology as a means for learning. Estepp said she felt very excited when she was asked to make the brochure. ...

FRED ambassadors accepting applications for $750 FRED scholarship

FRED ambassadors accepting applications for $750 FRED scholarship

Story by: Lydia Estepp, Copy/Design Editor

April 11, 2018

  The period to apply for the FRED senior scholarship ends on Wednesday, April 11 at 3 p.m. The scholarship, worth $750, will go to one senior who exhibits the qualities of a good person, or a “FRED.” FRED sponsor Andrea Barnes said that in addition to the senior scholarship, the FRED ambas...

Theater wins at district UIL

Theater wins at district UIL

Story by: Lydia Estepp, Copy/Design Editor

April 2, 2018

After winning at district with their one act play “Reckless,” the Creek theater department advanced to UIL bi-district, where they did not advance. Junior Allison Lindsey, who won the award for Best Technician at district because of her role as the production’s light designer, said she lov...

Full Week of Finals

Full Week of Finals

Story by: Jaidyn Hatchett, Reporter

December 14, 2017

For the past few years, the finals week schedule has always included half days. This year, however, students will have a four day week with full school hours. Finals week starts on Monday, December 18 and ends Thursday, December 21. The state now requires schools to meet a certain number of minutes ins...

Flipping to success

Photo courtesy of Josh Williams

Story by: Kai Fortner Newby, Feature Editor

November 22, 2017

Three time ring champion. Three time member of the regional gymnastics team. Two time hardest worker award. Josh Williams, an accomplished gymnast at Cypress Academy, roams the hallways of Cypress Creek with a list of achievements and accolades under his belt. Williams fell in love with the sport...

Creating a club

Story by: Anthony Casas, Reporter

November 15, 2017

If a student wishes to start a club, the school requires certain procedures one must follow in order to do so. The most important and first thing to do when making a club is to find a sponsor. Whether you choose a teacher or a coach, the club needs a faculty member to get started. Clubs must not exc...

Let students take a BREAK from homework

Why students feel overwhelmed with homework over Holiday Break

Story by: Jaidyn Hatchett, Reporter

December 19, 2016

Every student looks forward to holiday breaks for the purpose of  going out of town or catching up on sleep previously lost from late nights doing homework. Breaks from school should consist of an actual break from school. Students have other commitments during breaks than worrying about a homework ...

Music Monday – Election Day

Check out the best music this monday

Story by: Sam Billings, News Editor

November 10, 2016

With election day coming up, we celebrate with this playlist full of artists that have endorsed certain candidates and offer reminders for people to vote for the future of America. ...

Living life on pointe

Photo Courtesy of Anhthu Pham

Story by: Ashlei Gosha, Entertainment Editor

August 16, 2016

Her heart beats fast. Sweat starts to bead on her forehead. Her muscles,  loose from stretching, tense up from excitement. Looking into the darkness before the stage, she dances free from the feeling of judgment. Junior Mia Pham, who has practiced ballet for nine years, performs for Artisan School o...

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