The Children of Creek


photo by Dominique McClain

Within our campus, the Child Guidance program allows students hands-on experience with children that will benefit them in the future. This program prepares teachers and excellent leaders of tomorrow.

Junior Arianne Gobert-Nutal shares her experience and enjoyment of working with kids, as well as her inspiration for joining the program.

“It’s really fun, you get to work with little kids,” Nutal said. “It’s like having a little sibling that you’ve never had.”

This rewarding experience does not come without challenges. Taking on the task of teaching and caring for children leads to many lessons learned.

“Class lessons are the hardest part,” Nutal said. “You don’t know what to teach them because you’re not really a teacher.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Solutions prove worthy when student mentors use their creativity to produce certain activities for the children to keep them busy. Sophomore Karlie Goemmer uses her communicative skills to keep the children entertained throughout the duration of her class time with them.

“I’m showing them an example of how to act when they’re older,” Goemmer said.

The program inspires leaders within our school and also teaches a valuable lesson of responsibility. The opportunity to help children and watch them develop over the months is an invaluable experience.

“I learned that not all kids are the same,” Goemmer said. “They’re not all like me, and they’re not all on the same path.”