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Check the Facts

Check the Facts

Story by: Brooke Bettes, Reporter

April 11, 2017

Donald Trump expresses most of his thoughts through the social media platform Twitter. He has shared his thoughts on many things from immigration to inspirational people. More recently, he made it known how “democratic” news outlets have made up scandals to write about to make him seem like a crimina...

A show like no other

Theater promotes their new production.

Story by: Emma Ruggiero, Opinion Editor

March 24, 2017

Laughter reverberates around the room as the actors perform miniature comedy sketches and relay jokes to their peers. This serves as their warm-up for the day; after this, the room will be filled with silly chants and the actors will take part in a few exercises. Humor thrives here - and this only ma...

Every Vote Count

Every Vote Count

Story by: Emma Ruggiero, Opinion Editor

September 14, 2016

One young adult walks past a polling station, carrying on with their day, indifferent to the political world. One less person fills a booth that day; one ballot never makes it to the election officials. One vote changes the life of a candidate and potentially the lives of hundreds, thousands, million...

Senior writes for ‘merica

Story by: Tyler Hooks, Entertainment Editor

March 28, 2013

An essay about the Constitution transformed into college funds for senior Farid Saemi. The essay started as an assignment by AP Government teacher Felicia Hayes. “I assigned an essay about the relevance of the Constitution today,” Hayes said. “This essay topic was also the topic for this yea...

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