Precision in the Decision


Photo courtesy of Cy Creek yearbook

The class of 2019 seniors have plenty of exceptionally talented athletes. As the year comes to an end, many Cougars will be continuing their athletic career in college.

Senior Haley Benson has signed to Texas State University on a athletic scholarship for soccer. Benson is an all district goalkeeper on the varsity girls soccer team.

 “I am super excited to play in college,” Benson said. “I am ready to take my game to the next level.”

She will be leaving her old friends and school behind to chase her dreams in college. Which will let her experience new people and new environments while being just one step closer to her dreams. Haley has worked hard for the position she’s in and is ready to continue her soccer career.  

“I will miss a couple of people,” Benson said. “But chasing my dreams are more important.”

These athletes accomplished a lot throughout high school to earn athletic scholarships. Senior Caleb Williams was moved to varsity football during his freshman year, having played for all four years, he has learned a lot. He has earned the title All District Defensive Tackle his senior year showing he is ready to advance to the next level at Lamar University.

“I get to play and train with the best and I’m just one step into my life,” Williams said. “I accomplished a lot at this school and now I’m ready to accomplish more at Lamar.”