Juul Discontinues Mint Flavor


“JUUL Labs Vape/Electronic Cigarette Device” by Vaping360 is licensed under CC BY 2.0 https://vaping360.com/

In today’s society, accessing vape products has become child’s play. Increasingly more and more teenagers have developed addictions to nicotine and other chemicals stored in the “pods” of vape devices. The adolescents that vape to look cool or rebel against their parents do not realize what these products do to their body. 


Although vaping is advertised as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, no vaping devices have actually been FDA approved. This means that since the companies have not had to go through a check from the government regarding safety and liability of their products, they can say virtually anything they want about their products, factual or not.


Recently, many cases have come out proclaiming deaths from using vape products.The total number of deaths from vaping is currently 34. Vaping causes “popcorn lung”, the official term Bronchiolitis Obliterans means that airways close off and cause shortness of breath or coughing. Popcorn lungs got its name from the chemical used in vaping products. Some of the chemicals used in giving popcorn the flavor it has are also used in these devices.


In recent news, the company of JUUL, a vaping corporation based in San Francisco, announced that they will have decided to stop the selling of their most popular flavor of pods: mint. The franchise released a brief statement regarding the cancelation of the flavor.


 “These results are unacceptable and that is why we must reset the vapor category in the U.S. and earn the trust of society by working cooperatively with regulators, Attorneys General, public health officials, and other stakeholders to combat undrage use.” This statement indicates the realization of the epidemic of vaping in teens and the consequences of their devices.


Photo courtesy of vaping360.com