The Wage Rage

The inferiority women have felt throughout history continues even during modern times. With a growing wave of women starting to realize their value in society, it seemed as though this problem disappeared. However, the underlying oppression remains deeply rooted in many societal aspects.  


The location which most commonly displays blatant discrimination against women is in the workplace. Specifically, occupations in which the public eye bears witness, such as entertainment and sports. According to the median salary of men and women in 2019 regardless of occupation, women in 2019 make .79 cents for every dollar a man makes regardless of occupation.


With the upcoming movie Crazy Rich Asians 2, controversy concerning the wage gap between men and women has once again reared its ugly head. The movie had two screenwriters of opposing sexes, one white male, Peter Chiarelli, and one Asian female, Adele Lim. Lim has since renounced her title of co-writer due to the substantial wage gap between her and her coworker. Chiarelli’s paycheck estimation for the first movie came out to be around one million dollars while Lim, the original writer of the first movie, was projected to make only $110,000 plus.  


Similarly, in the 2019 Women’s Soccer World Cup the United States team pulled out the win against The Netherlands, making it the fourth World Cup win for the team. However, controversy arrived when the women’s team made an estimated $800,000 less than the amount the men’s team would have gotten if they had won. Despite the outroar of the media, the salaries of the US women’s team stayed the same.


Despite constant outrage from the public, the pay difference between men and women in the U.S has stayed the same. Corporations in America need to make it a point to work for equal salaries for both men and women. In order to truly rid America of the gender pay gap, the deep-rooted problems of sexism need to be addressed.