The Child Separation Debate

From trending worldwide on twitter to appearing on countless news channels, the matter of child separation rose to fame in today’s news. However, it leaves some people questioning the government and its credibility.

In early October the act of child separation began. When a migrant crosses the border illegally they get put on a list that makes them subject to criminal prosecution. Thus initiates the separation process.

On a press call with the Health and Human Services (HHS), Secretary Alex Azar said that when a child gets separated from their parents they get moved to a space where they sleep in metal cages and receive large sheets of tin foil as blankets. Images of the living situation turned popular and started an uproar in conversation about the situation and how change could occur.

However, some argued keeping children in such living conditions proved necessary because of the circumstances due to the laws in place. They also believe the kids deserve these living situations because of their parents actions.

On June 20th President Trump signed an order stopping the process of child separation, but this did not solve what would happen to the kids already affected. Many kids now suffer from separation anxiety and in certain cases of separation the kids did not remember their parents and even felt uncomfortable around them.

The US needs to step up its game in providing proper care for immigrants who want to come into the country to receive benefits such as freedom. The government needs to take care of the children affected by the policy they set in place and provide proper resources to aid the rejuvenation of the children’s lives.