Pull the cap on college app

This time of year seniors struggle to keep up with AP classes, jobs and applying to colleges. However, many students do not even know how to apply. For some, the process can appear overwhelming, but as long as they study up on the basics, getting admitted into college should be a breeze.

First, students need to to make sure the schools they apply to have the programs and majors that match their interests. Do not just apply for a school because of its prestige, appearance or infamous parties. Students need to research up on what they actually want to study. That is the point of college, after all.

Second, students must collect every record of every class, club, organization and award ever taken. No matter how small the accomplishment, colleges like to see everything students believe important and memorable about themselves.

Next, students need to look up Common Application. This website will save so much time and confusion. Basically, this site helps to create the perfect application and send it off to all the colleges that want the same things. This way, instead of writing 20 essays and retyping transcripts 35 times, Comm Ap will send them all at once.

Lastly, students will need to write the dreaded college essay. Do not worry, students should not feel frightened. The essay helps schools understand students as people instead of numbers on a page. Colleges see thousands of applications, but essays remain the only original piece of documentation from students. With the essay, students convey their dreams, ambitions and goals, everything colleges find valuable and unique.  

By taking these steps, hopefully college seems less scary and maybe even exciting. It should; the first step to the future starts with this.