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Teachers should enforce traditional teachings of 9/11

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April 1, 2017

As teachers prepare to discuss one of the most horrific events in America’s history with students, they should embrace the traditional teachings of the attacks on September 11 and teachers should ensure that a moment of remembrance occurs in every class. With more years passing, the importance of teaching and remembering the tragedies of September 11 seems to fade, when in all actuality, teachers should strive to make sure the memory of the dreaded terrorist attacks remains an important annual lesson in the district.

Maintaining a constant method of teaching the terrorist attacks has only become more important throughout the years. As more years pass, students remember less about 9/11 attacks. On top of that, at this moment, the last year of high school students that lived during the attacks ensued have entered high school. This only makes it more important that students still receive education about the event in order to prevent them from becoming ignorant the events on 9/11.

After 15 years, the idea of changing up the original teaching methods for 9/11 seems like the obvious answer, but changing the way students learn about 9/11 would resemble changing history. Students should receive information from this tragic event in a similar way each year so the actions in the event have no alterations in their minds.

Every year on September 11, teachers should hold the responsibility of teaching about the attacks. Every teacher in every class in every class period of the day needs to take a small amount of time in their period to talk about 9/11. As soon as students see the events do not matter enough for teachers to talk about, they get an idea in their head that the event must not hold much importance to them either.

As more time goes by students, especially ones not born during the attacks, create a twisted idea in their head that 9/11 does not concern them, but the main reason we take time out of the day to teach history is to ensure it does not repeat itself, so taking even just a small amount of the day to talk about the terrorist attacks on 9/11 will stress to students the impact this event had on the world.