One point holding students back

Illustration by Libby Sullivan.

Illustration by Libby Sullivan.

Story by: Libby Sullivan, Business Manager

When students take upper-level classes like K, advanced placement, dual credit and horizons, they receive an extra point for their semester average, ultimately improving their GPA. The district should expand on that concept and offer an extra grade point for more than just the four core classes.

Some students take all upper-level classes, so when they take L-level electives their GPA fails to reach their maximum potential. The district already created a hurdle for students when they made it a requirement for students to take certain classes like Health and PACE. This sets students’ GPAs back, but if the district allowed students to earn extra grade points in certain elective courses, they could earn back what they lost with the mandatory classes.

Even though it seems logical that upper level classes receive the extra grade point because teachers work their students harder and more vigorously, students sometimes put more dedication and time into the electives they choose to take. For instance, art students and medical students go above and beyond when it comes to putting in extra hours outside of school. That dedication surpasses what some students give to their upper-level classes and deserves recognition.

Right now, only core classes offer the extra grade point, but not everyone wants to pursue a career directly related to math, science, English or history. Students usually take elective classes in hopes of getting a head start for what they will do in the future, so it only seems fair that they receive a reward for taking the extra initiative in more than just core classes.
To ensure students GPA correctly represents their abilities, the district should find classes that require a prerequisite, evaluate those classes to find which ones require the same amount of effort as upper-level classes and  grant the students that take those classes the same reward of an extra grade point.