Why does Groundhog Day still exist?

Story by: Sam Billings, Entertainment Editor

For 129 years, people willingly chose to celebrate a holiday with no historical significance and manipulates people into believing an animal can act as a meteorologist. No one ever questions the fact that we rely on a rodent to decide if spring will star, or if we will have to suffer through six more weeks of winter.

Holidays such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day do not have historical significance either, but Groundhog Day does not really celebrate anything important. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day have a reasonable purpose like appreciating people who do so much in our lives. Groundhogs do not do anything productive and a purpose for celebrating Groundhog Day has not yet been discovered.

The supporters of Groundhog Day mainly celebrate the holiday because it exploits the cuteness factor of the groundhog. Originally though, people did not even use groundhogs, they used badgers.German settlers in Pennsylvania during the 18th and 19th centuries brought the tradition, because they believed spring only came if badgers and other animals saw their shadow. Nowadays, a group of men all wearing top hats and speaking Dutch preside over the festivities held in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Even the history of this holiday seems bizarre and completely unnecessary.

The fact remains that the weather does not care about whether or not a groundhog saw his shadow. We live in Texas; seasons do not really exist, so why do we even still care about some rodent that lives underground for three months.

Overall, Groundhog day remains one of the few holidays that does not have any obvious history or reason behind it. Feb. 2 should no longer host a useless holiday someone invented a century ago. America, give it up.