A click in the right direction

Friday announcement videos present a new opportunity for students to learn about the school


Illustration by Alexis Garrison

Story by: Libby Sullivan, Business Manager

As the excitement of this year’s new tradition, “This Week At Creek,” increases in support and hype, so does student’s knowledge about the school around them.

To ensure students continue their increasing interactiveness in the school’s activities and announcements, “This Week At Creek” should eventually become the daily announcements.

“This Week at Creek” provides a multi-sensory experience for students and gives them many ways to acquire information. When the announcements only take place in the morning over the speakers, they can become difficult to understand because other students talk over them or students cannot keep up with the quick pace of the morning announcements. Allowing students to see and hear about upcoming events gives them the chance to really understand what events go on in the school, resulting in more participation from students.

Some teachers think having to find the email for the attachment containing the announcement video requires too much time and hassle. Even so, the time already gets set aside for announcements every day, and the video announcements introduce a better way for students and teachers to become more informed about the school.

The announcements provide a step in the right direction when it comes to the school’s advance in technology. “This Week at Creek” not only informs students of the school’s upcoming events, it makes the morning a little more interesting with funny cartoons and quotes during the moment of silence. These small breaks between obtaining mass amounts of information not only make sure to hold student’s attention, they also allow students to process what they just learned.
The broadcasting students should not immediately jump into making daily videos, it should be a project that progresses over the years. This year, the broadcasting team could begin making a couple videos a week, covering certain things a day, and when a set schedule gets made allowing for daily videos, more participation from students and staff will show in the school.