Coping with depression

For adolescents who suffer from depression, the very worst thing they can do is isolate themselves alone with the thoughts, memories, and ideas which could lead to self-harm.

Some will say they feel  “fine” or “tired” and others will feel worthless, numb or lack feeling entirely. Some sufferers unfortunately resort to self-harm. No matter the variety or severity of this action, it is a constant temptation. A person not suffering from depression sees the act of cutting as horrifying and disgusting, almost inconceivable in society’s eyes.

However, for those who do have depression, self-harm gives them a way to  feel something; a way to relieve  painful inner thoughts and emotional numbness. Injuries associated with adrenaline can lead to addiction. It’s a bad habit which in turn hurts the individual as well as the people around them.

Depression takes  patience and, occasionally, treatment to conquer. Extracurricular activities however can stall the actions and feelings for a brief time. Participating in activities such as sports, clubs, art, or just reading could temporarily postpone these feelings. Even if the hobby exists shortly, it provides a miniature vacation from all the painful thoughts coming to mind. It could, in fact, help make friends who could offer support.

Hobbies could also help build a feeling of worthiness, confidence, and accomplishment and create a great diversion to depression for some time. Extracurricular activities prove successful in counteracting the symptoms of depression. Sports often also instill positive feelings such as self confidence and many friends.

However, sometimes these things can not be control and require treatment. Treatment is important because these feelings often form into the same as any disease. Always try social options first, unless the self harm continues into a extremely dangerous habit.