Redesigned SAT: more focused than ever

Planning to take the SAT in 2016? Prepare for these major changes.This brand new SAT has 45 minutes cut out, leaving only three hours to test. However do not lose sleep over it, the essay comes optional.

The new test contains three key components: the evidence-based reading and writing portion, which includes the reading test and the writing and language test,  math, and the now-optional essay.

Important features include right-only scoring, removing the penalty for wrong answers, and basically using context clues and critical thinking to understand the true meaning of a word through paragraph association and vocabulary.

This SAT seems to implement some important factors that high school should focus on from the beginning, but many think those who will take it will get off easy without having to take the once critical essay portion.

The college board website insisted the changes remain relevant to the real world, even though all other state tests require an essay portion in their English section.

“No longer will students use flashcards to memorize obscure words, only to forget them the minute they put their test pencils down. The redesigned SAT will engage students in close reading and honor the best work of the classroom,” ( Unfortunately for graduates of 2014 and 2015, the old SAT will stay in place until spring of 2016.

What a bummer.