Lanyard policy proves potential


Photo by: Taylor Trostle

This school year, administration implemented the use of identification badges for all students. Although pictures have been taken for the badges, administration has not yet decided the details of the new policy.

Many students though are concerned that administration will generate consequences consisting of harsh consequences when they leave their ID at home. So far, administration decided  some punishments would consist of a fee for ordering a new ID badge or to have a temporary one. Because all students must wear them around their necks at all times.

If this is the case, administration needs to understand many students will forget or lose theirs since they will not be accustomed to carrying one around. Not to mention, administration should provide lanyards for all students because some may not have the time or means to go out and buy something they did not choose to have.

Lanyards can range from $2-$12, and when 3300 students in the school need to buy one, all the cheap ones will run out, making it hard for those who need $10 to buy a meal or put gas in their car, buy a necessity for school, plus being charged if they forget their badge.

According to assistant principal Jennifer Landry, ID badges will help with safety and students wanted them when they need to show identification.

Other than that and until guidelines are created, students do not have much to complain about the policy. It was implemented to ensure safety on the campus and keeps out non-visitors.  The policy will make it easier to identify students and keep many from lying about their identity when getting in trouble or asked questions.

Overall, students would prefer ID badges over a uniform policy anyday and the use of badges could help prevent future discipline issues. In the mean time, administration needs to keep in mind the chances of every student and teacher following the new guidelines are low and consequences should be kept to a minimum.