Sam Says: What happens in high school, stays in high school

What we have to remember while in high school is that besides our grades and some friends, nothing else will carry on with us.

That time so-and-so got into a fight on Main Street, the time a student talked back to the teacher because he thought it looked cool. No one will remember when they are off in college, getting married or working towards getting a career.

Everyone has an egocentric mind, thinking people are looking right at them. Little do they know that others are too busy talking with their friends, enjoying their lunch or having a special moment with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Everyone’s living their own lives doing their own thing. No one cares what you do, so don’t be afraid to do your business.

For many students, school’s nothing but a social gathering where you settle your fights, find a person to hook up with, talk with your friends, start drama and even sleep. Newsflash. This is school, a place to receive an education and take advantage of opportunities given to us. People worry too much about the wrong things. Instead of stressing over grades, they stress over drama.

School shouldn’t revolve around meeting up with people, trying to seem popular or what you look like. In years to come, no one will  remember anything you did with your friends. Grades and your education will follow you.

Those students who wake up everyday and come to high school to mess around, act rudely to the administration and cause the fights on our campus will regret it in their future when they work at minimum-wage jobs with their broken-down car.

Don’t come to school for the wrong reasons. Raise your hand in class and ask questions, say what you believe in and involve yourself within the school. Do what you have to do now, so that later, you can do what you want to do.