Sam says: Aim for the trash can, not the floor

On the way to first period, minding my own business, I witnessed a vile act. A student carelessly threw his little orange juice box on the floor and continued walking.

So of course I picked it up and threw it in the trash since he was so incapable of doing it himself. Obviously some people today do not have any manners.

It’s not just about throwing the trash on the school floor, it’s a sign of disrespect. The janitors were hired to clean up the trash around the school. They are not maids who clean up after their lazy masters (students). Besides, you don’t pay the janitors to clean up your trash. So throw away your own trash and don’t rely on the janitors to clean up your mess for you.

Everyday after the bell dismisses everyone home, it looks as though a massive crowd of high school students swept through Main Street. I see some of the most random objects and trash in the hallways. How does a big brown hairball get on the middle of the floor? It looks like some kids just cleaned the hair off their brushes and threw it on the floor. How disgusting. Students should throw trash where it belongs. In a trash bin. We should surround ourselves with a nice, clean and healthy environment.

If students can just mindlessly throw their trash anywhere they please at school, I could only imagine what they would do outside the school walls. There are certain morals and ethics people should know to follow, like not littering on someone else’s property, or not littering period. We are not a third world country where there’s no public disposal organization that takes our trash, we have that privilege so let’s take advantage.

But don’t stop there. Don’t throw away your plastics or papers, recycle them instead. The only difference from throwing them away and recycling is simply putting them in a separate bin.

So next time in class you throw your ball of paper across the room, aim for the recycle box, or at least the trash can, and if you miss, pick it up and try again.