Are you a real fan?

Everyone in Houston loves the Texans, right? Wrong!

The Texans win a few games and all of a sudden it develops one of the largest fan base in the NFL. I refuse to believe that it’s a coincidence.

Most so-called Texans fans I come across knew nothing about the team this same time last year. They didn’t care to learn anything about them, and some still don’t to this day. Some say people should support their home teams, so it’s acceptable for Houston natives to favor the Texans. However even Houston natives should not just like the team because they’re winning.
The same thing goes for Cy Creek athletics. We should still support our team through the good and bad times. Losing a few games, doesn’t change the name on their jersey. If you play sports, you know that people in the stands cheering can change the flow of a game and give you and your team momentum.

It even applies to people who don’t play sports, because everyone participates in something that can use the support of peers. If we all only support our classmates through the good times, then they have no one to give them the encouragement to push through the bad times.

When it’s all said and done, supporting our teams all of the time will make the good times longer lasting and more frequent. I barely know any of the students who play sports. However I go to every game that I can, because I’m a true fan of all sports teams and not someone that just claims to support them.

I love the New Orleans Saints. Whether they win or lose, I support the Saints wholeheartedly. So far this season the Saints can’t compare to the Texans. However, I still refuse to switch teams. I won’t wear a Texans jersey, nor do I go to Sonic to get a free slushie after the Texans win, just because I refuse to make myself look like a fan.
I’m not saying that true fans don’t exist. I’m sure many people out there have supported their teams through ups and downs.

If you like a team, like them at their best and worst. You never know what can happen over the course of a season anyway. Even the best fall down and the weak may rise. The  brightest days can have the coldest nights, and the coldest nights can have the brightest mornings. Pick a team, love them on the brightest days and the darkest nights. Don’t be a fair-weather fan.