“An Advocate for Students”: Martin Drayton announced as principal

Martin Drayton was formally appointed as the new principal of Cypress Creek High School in a staff meeting April 17 in the auditorium. Teachers, administrators, and district officials joined in welcoming Drayton, who will begin acting as principal during the upcoming 2023-2024 school year.

When Drayton entered the auditorium, a wave of excitement immediately took over the room.

“I love the school spirit of high school,” Drayton said. “This is that step before you step into adulthood in college, so I get to share those experiences with you.”

Drayton has 23 years of experience in education, joining CFISD in 2007. Drayton has worked as a teacher, an administrator, and most recently as a principal at Cook Middle School, where he led his campus through the Covid-19 pandemic and aftermath.

“I think [Drayton is] going to be great,” architecture teacher Tracey Blackman said. “[Drayton] has great energy. [Drayton] seems to be excited to be here and we’re all so excited.”

Associate Principal Frank Fraley is also a new addition, joining Creek this school year to replace former Associate Principal Amby Clinkscale. Fraley has quickly integrated himself within the campus life.

“[Drayton] definitely has an energy that we need for this campus,” Fraley said. “[Drayton is] a family man. He understands that we’re family here.”

Chief Officer for School Leadership and Associate Superintendent Roy Garcia attended the announcement and introduced Drayton, citing the substantial criteria and selection process it required to fill the position left by current principal, Vicki Snokhous.

Superintendent Dr. Mark Henry released a statement addressing the impending change in Cy Creek leadership on the day of the announcement.

“[Drayton] is an advocate for students,” Henry wrote in the statement. “His varied experiences, extensive training, and collaborative leadership style make [Drayton] well-qualified to serve as principal of Cypress Creek High School.”

Though Drayton will not assume his role of principal until next school school year, he has already made an effort to meet and speak with the faculty members in attendance at his introductory meeting.

“I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities provided to you to meet Mr. Drayton and welcome him to Cypress Creek High School,” Henry said.