AP/DC Pep Rally


photo by Shelby Sutton

The first AP/DC pep rally took place at Creek on Wednesday, January 30th. The pep rally, exclusive to sophomores, was created to encourage Cougars to sign up for AP and DC classes next year and start getting ahead for college.

AP and DC classes are rigorous and fast paced that allow students to earn college credits. In order to attain a college credit in an AP class, students must score a 3 or higher on the AP test taken in the second semester. In order to obtain a college credit in a DC class, students must keep an average of a 70 or higher.

Cy Creek college and career specialist Amber Stephens, said why this event is taking place. If students wish to seek more information about AP or DC classes, students can attend the fair taking place on February 25th at 6 pm in the cafeteria.

“We were looking for a new and exciting way to build awareness about AP and DC classes,” Stephens said. “As well as to rebrand AP and DC under one umbrella.”  

AP and DC classes provide much more than knowledge about the given subject. Sophomore Avery Bulsiewicz said how much she learns in the class daily, from study skills to time management.

“World History AP has definitely had a lasting impact on my test preparations,” Bulsiewicz said. “I have learned many new ways to review for not only this class, but all of my other classes too.”