Soccer Tryouts

Cy Creek will host soccer tryouts later this month, November 26 and 27. Varsity Soccer coach Joshua O’Dear has coached soccer at Cypress Creek High School for 10 years and has high hopes for upcoming games.

“I think we have a chance to make a splash in this new district,” O’Dear said. “It will depend on how hard we work to prepare each and everyday till our first games”.

Tryouts will take place after school, then about 30 minutes after the final day of tryouts, Coach O’Dear will post the results of who made the team.  

Sign-ups for tryouts may have passed, but students who would like to play next year can start preparing now. Attending games, talking to the coach, and meeting some of the students that played last year can offer a better understanding of what to expect for the incomers.

The first game will take place January 3rd at Pridgeon Stadium.

“I think our players would say that it’s a great experience,” O’Dear said. “Not only to play, but the comradery and lifetime friends you meet are rewarding also.”