Peril in Palestine

Anthony Casas

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Following World War II, the British government gave occupied territory in the Middle East to European Jewish people. While this idea seemed humanitarian at first, most did not know this was already inhabited by a group of people: the Palestinians, an Arab ethnicity that is predominantly Islamic. Since the declaration of the Jewish state of Israel, immense conflicts have started surrounding the liberation of the Palestinian people.

Time and time again, Israel has faced accusations of being an “apartheid state,” mirroring the racist caste system that South Africa once had. While the government of Israel denies this, there is overwhelming evidence in favor of the Islamic minority. Many IDF (Israeli Defense Force) soldiers were caught attacking Palestinian citizens in the Gaza Strip, a sliver of non-Israeli territory. Many of these victims were women and children. When caught, Israeli high officials often claim ‘anti-semitism’ whenever pro-Palestinian evidence comes into play.

This divide seeps into current events, as President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, angering many Palestinian activists. The president’s close relationship with Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has led many to believe that what’s left of Palestine may become occupied by Israel. Palestinian nationalism and liberation groups have begun preparing for what may become an all out war. Both sides will lose many, but the ultimate victory will decide the fates: Palestine’s freedom, or Israel’s continued tyranny.