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Photo by: Imiyah Mann

Seniors Jonathan Le, Chantal Thantrong and Timothy Yang placed 2nd in district Science UIL

The University Interscholastic League (UIL) does more than govern sports. They govern most competitions between schools in Texas including but not limited to: band competitions, theater competitions, and even academic competitions.

Students compete in UIL events ranging from sports events to events centered around academics. Senior Timothy Yang, competes in math and science events.

“I decided to do science and math UIL because I happen to be pretty good at science and math,” Yang said. “So I just thought that I might just take the test and try to get some places and recognition.”

Yang also competes in science UIL which has only one test, but the test has three parts: biology, chemistry and physics.

“While people think this is kind of easy it’s actually pretty hard. So physics is the hardest one of course,” Yang said. “Then biology and chemistry will be the easy ones so if you are in the [Advanced Placement] class of biology and chemistry it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Additionally, math UIL has three different events comprised of number sense, calculator math and mathematics. On the day of the competition, competitors travel to the host school and take their test for the competition.

“I felt tremendously nervous but when I actually take it it’s actually pretty easy, and I felt that I didn’t really have to be nervous that much at all,” Yang said.

Another group of students compete in history competitions. One student, senior Abby Akard will compete in her third year of UIL.

“The topics the last three years have been terrible,” Akard said. “They need to pick something that’s not American history.”