District installs radio tower in parking lot

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Photo by: Libby Sullivan

The new radio tower by the H-wing

The district built a new radio tower over winter break in the parking lot to improve communications between administrators district wide.

Principal Vicki Snokhous said the district decided to put the tower in Cy Creek’s parking lot because it exists centrally.

“Cypress Creek administration was not part of the decision,” Snokhous said. “The decision was made by the experts who deal in radio communications.”

The tower will not bring money into the school; however, it will help the district keep students safer by allowing administrators to communicate with each other on situations pertaining to multiple campuses.

“The tower was built with bond money to allow for better communication on the campus with our campus radios,” Snokhous said. “This will allow for better supervision and improved security.”

Junior Casey Irvin said that the bond money could have gone towards other technological advances.

“I think they should be using the bond money to donate to booster clubs or theater or make the wifi better because certain rooms get terrible service and the computers are slow,” Irvin said.