One to rule them all


Photo by: Rayya Gordon

Story by: Rayya Gordon, News Editor

After Principal Sandy Trujillo’s retirement in early September, the search to find a permanent principal commenced and will soon come to an end. Spearheaded by the six district associate and assistant superintendents and aided by school and community feedback, the search aims to fill the interim vacancy, currently held by retired Cypress Ridge High School principal Claudio Garcia, as quickly as possible.

Associate Superintendent for School Administration and Leadership Development Roy Garcia works on the panel which manages the search.

“Collaboratively we make final decisions, get the [head] superintendent’s blessing, then make an announcement,” Superintendent Garcia said.

Principal Garcia received a call from the district to serve as the temporary principal. Superintendent Garcia said he and the members of the panel felt that Principal Garcia would fit the job perfectly.

“Garcia is an exceptional principal known for building culture and climate for kids,” Superintendent Garcia said.

The search panel schedules feedback meetings after the posted position begins receiving applicants. These meetings give the community an opportunity to receive answers about what happens during the search and what to expect. Superintendent Roy said he uses these meetings to develop a profile for the applicants.

“We want to hear what [the community] is proud of, what they would like for us to capture,” he said. “We look at challenges, future opportunities and what the new principal needs to be aware of.”

The first meeting took place on Oct. 5, during which parents came on campus and met with the superintendent panel. Everyone exchanged information about the current situation and their personal concerns, which benefits the panel’s selection process.

The panel later met with teachers to discuss the needs of the faculty at Cy Creek, as well as the expectations and processes for a new principal.

“More than anything else it’s the feedback as the campus relates to them,” Superintendent Roy said. “Them providing any responses will give us a better idea of the profile they’re looking for to be their next leader.”

The search should conclude with a selection by the end of October, with allotted time for the candidate to transition into the administration. While no true time constraints exist, Superintendent Roy said this time frame allows the panel to pick a new principal without rushing the process. Per the posting, the position will be filled from within CFISD.

“We make sure when we have vacancies we have several [people] ready to step up to that next level,” he said. “I think the end of October gives us time to review responses and make selections.”