Junior gives life to UIL biology competition

As the end of the school year draws near, the district Academic UIL competitions commenced. Junior Shaikh Islam won the biology section of the science competition at the district meet and advanced to regionals on May 3rd.

The science competition entails a 60 question multiple choice test that contained 20 questions each on biology, chemistry and physics. Islam tied with a Langham Creek student for the individual title in the science competition.

““The competition was very hard,” said AP/Dual Credit Biology teacher Christine Tremonte.  “There were 37 students competing and he won number one out of the biology section.”

Islam currently takes Biology AP and attributes the course to helping him in the competition.

“Ms. Tremonte provided me with the AP study guide book that helped me a lot,” he said. “Also, she had AP study sessions that I went to that helped.”

At the Regionals meet, Islam once again competed in the biology portion of the Academic UIL Meet.

“I went as an individual biology contestant, but unfortunately I did not advance to state,” Islam said.

Although the Regional meet did not go the way he planned, Islam feels that his experience in the competition presented itself as helpful.

“I really have not done anything like this before,” Islam said. “I have been to a few competitions for computer science, but nothing like this. So it was a really good experience for me for the first time.”

Next year, Islam said he plans to compete in the UIL meet once again and hopefully go all the way to the state meet.

“I am for sure going to do it next year,” Islam said. “I hope that a lot more people will join UIL. I really did not want to join at first, but now that I did this, I am more inspired.”