Marks’ final run

Four decades later, beloved baseball coach retires

After 41 years of teaching and coaching baseball, students and faculty celebrated Coach John Marks’ official retirement on April 22. However, he will stay available as a substitute coach until December.

Marks approach to teaching and coaching impacted the possible hundreds that passed through his classroom in the past 32 years at Cy Creek.

“Because he was so straight forward and direct, I’m never confused in any situation I’m put in, and that impacted me as far as my growth as a person, because I’ve never gotten in trouble,“ senior Kito Harris said.

Administration held Marks’ retirement ceremony at the Cypress Creek baseball field.

“When they did the deal at the baseball field, it was so cool to see some of the guys that I taught back in the early 80’s mixed in with the kids,” Marks said. “I mean they’re in their mid-to- late- forties, and seeing the fourteen and fifteen-year-olds that I coach now, out with each other [on the field], that’s just really cool.”

Marks said his greatest accomplishment remains the reward of affecting his students and seeing them grow and just seeing the students successfully go into the real world. He also said the best advice he could give his students echoes the similar advice the school consistently drills in.

“Prepare yourself for your future,” Marks said. “I would say just to work hard. If you work hard here, you’ll be a productive member of society.”

Marks plans to spend time with his family, especially with his grandchildren, and attempt to try his hand at golf.