District to publish anniversary book

The district will celebrate the 75th anniversary for CFISD with an art and literature coffee table book for high school students to participate in.

Each high school in the district gets a total of five pages filled with a piece of writing or artwork. On Friday, February 28, all selected entries traveled to the district for the official picks to go in the book, and will come out in the spring for purchase.

“We can send 12 pieces,” creative writing teacher Leslie Laird said. “They probably won’t choose all 12 of ours, but they want to have options.”

Laird will take the writing and poem entries and give them to her creative writing class for them to pick the final choices.

“They are students who have chosen to write every day and they enjoy writing and reading other’s writings,” she said. “I think that they are really strong writers.”

Photography teacher Linda Crocker will take the photography, sculpture, and painting entries and pick 12 choices from those.

“Because I’m a photo teacher, I am very aware of technical quality, and that is the first thing I look at,” she said. “The next thing I look for is the artistic content of the piece.”

Laird said the coffee book is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for publication.

“I believe those who enter get a certificate of participation, and those that are chosen for the book, get acknowledged that their work has been published,” she said.