Guys in Ties to happen tomorrow

For the first time, the school will host the “A Thousand Guys in Ties” event Friday, March 14tto expose young men to different opportunities for their  future.

The purpose of the event will lead young men to focus on their goal and expose them to opportunities, job chances and to meet other men who will discuss their job paths and careers.  Special Education teacher Christopher Rose, head of this organization, said he will strive to get a thousand guys to wear ties.

“The goal is to dress for success; the goal is to come and have a great day and meet different people and to grow professionally as a student and as a person,” Rose said.

Rose said someone exposed him to the possibility of becoming a teacher and gave him hope, so he feels like he has to give young men the same opportunity he had.

“The only way I can give you hope is if I could expose you to the possibilities and that’s what [A Thousand Guys in Ties] is suppose to be about,” he said.

The day-long event will begin with a group photo of male students dressed for success and continue with several speakers talking to them in the auditorium. Prizes will be given away such as a free tuxedo to a senior male.

“We are going to also do a video conferencing with Campbell Middle School,” Rose said. “The middle school kids are going to dress up also and participate.”

Rose said he wants it to be a great day so all students will participate, and he wants girls to participate by dressing up to show their support as well.

“Eventually this can lead to something for the girls,” Rose said.