Ways to save SNAP

NEXT MEETING:  – Thursday, February 6th, 2014. 7 pm. WE STILL NEED 20 MORE PARENTS TO GET INVOLVED!

WE HAVE A BUSY PARENT BUY OUT OF $20.14.!!!!!!! (tax-deductable).

Other needs and Important Dates:

Current Fundraisers  – Class of 2014 T-shirts and Lanyards on sale every FRIDAY on Main Street at CYCREEK HS. BUY A SHIRT AND SUPPORT SNAP!! They sell for $15.

Del Pueblo supports SNAP – every Thursday!! Eat at Del Pueblo and place your itemized receipt in the CYCREEK HS SNAP jar located at the front door to give SNAP  a portion of your sale.

Do you know someone who is having a special birthday or event in life? If so, think PINK and arrange a Flamingo Flocking.  Contact [email protected]

Do you shop ONLINE?? Amazon.com will donate a percentage of your purchases toward S.N.A.P.  Simply go to the CyCreek HS website, look for  the SNAP FR LINK (located in the middle of the page). Click the Amazon.com icon and shop away!!

NOTE: – FOR MORE INFORMATION on ALL sponsorship $$, donations $$, end of year giving campaigns or volunteering, please contact Kim Zapalac at    832-610-0611or at, [email protected]

If you would like to donate directly, go to the link below.