Upcoming VASE competition

The spring season and the month of February brings an opportunity for photographers, sculptors and artists in our school. February ninth the visual art scholastic event takes place at Cy Woods High School.

Also known as VASE, the competition contains a variety of opportunities, including many media categories and allows each student in art, photography and sculpting to enter two pieces. VASE is the art equivalent of UIL competition. Students must be passing classes and have high quality work. There are a number of state qualifiers out of regional but as few as two from our school ever go to state a year. State qualifiers awarded a four as a score win a small medal and state competitors win a nicer award.

Culture shapers, another opportunity to add to an art student’s transcript, will take place in March and April, however there are separate, unreleased dates for different mediums.

Day said UIL competitions teach commitment and sportsmanship and have many other benefits, such as being honestly critique by professional artists, and is excellent on a transcript..

“[The competitions] is a positive growing experience for students,” she said. “[However], superior work that demonstrates craftsmanship can only be entered.”