Cheer squad receives spotlight from Channel 2 News

As part of a coverage story for cheer teams, Channel 2 News featured the cheer squad on Wednesday, Sept. 18, at Carl’s. Jr. The special aired Sunday, Sept. 22.

About a week from the event, varsity cheer coach Nicole Cuellar received an email  from the producer of Channel 2 News. She said the Channel 2 producer had heard about the cheer program through word of mouth and besides a feature story, wanted to do a fundraiser in conjunction with Carls Jr.

“I am very pleased with this,” she said. “I’m so glad [the students] have come out to support.”

Junior varsity coach Allison Marz said Channel 2 spotlights ten cheer teams a year.

“They said we were highly recommended, and they asked us if we would like to do it and I said,  ‘Absolutely, we would love to show off our squad and support Cy Creek any way we can,’ and that’s how we all got here today,” she said.

Marz said the cheer squad prepared for the event by calling as many people and students as they could to show up and help support. Senior and varsity cheer captain Haley Carlson said she was very excited about the event and couldn’t wait.

“We just practiced our cheers and got pumped for drumline,” Carlson said.

Blue Crew sponsor and Biology l teacher Britnee Hooks was told by Cuellar and Marz to have Blew Crew be loud for the event.

“This is about cheerleaders,” Hooks said.  “So we are here to support them and showcase Cy Creek spirit.”

Associate principal Margaret Wiley, said Cuellar was notified first about Channel 2 wanting to feature the cheer squad before her and principal Sandy Trujillo.

“Mrs. Cuellar sent me an e-mail and it said, ‘Oh my gosh, can you believe it, we are going to get to be on Channel  2,’ and I said, ‘Really when?’” Wiley said.

Wiley said she always hopes there are more students, but was happy with the outcome.

“I was very happy to see the drumline here because that makes for a good combination for what we are all about at our games,” she said.

    Mother of JV cheerleader, Jordan Jones, Erica Williams said all the parents were e-mailed by Cuellar about the event.

“I already knew by the time [her daughter] got home,” Williams said.  “We told family members to come between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. This is good exposure for Cy Creek cheerleaders and good exposure for Carls Jr. so we were all really excited and glad to be here.”

Senior Breyuana Davis and member of varsity cheer, said the cheer squad had a great time.

“Drumline was amazing and we did good,” she said. “I’m ready to go eat; they actually feed us.”