Silverados to district show-offs at the Berry Center on Saturday


Photo by: Jenna Moreland

On the football field: Senior Laynie Hardisty prepares for a turn. She will be dansing at the show-offs in the officer’s dance

The Silverados will dance in the CFISD Show-Offs this Saturday at the Berry Center at 2 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the door and through any Silvie member for $7 per ticket.
At the Show-Offs, schools from around the district come to give a preview of the dances they plan to perform for competitions.

The Silvies will show two team dances, a jungle-themed dance and a Hispanic kick-dance. Silvie officers will also perform a separate dance to the song “I love rock n’ roll”.

“ We’ve been working hard to make these dances fun to watch,” sophomore and Silvie Taylor Baer said. “The dances that we’ll be doing are very fast paced and exciting. It’ll be fun to watch the dances of the teams that we’ll be competing against.”