Clubs offer more than activities

With more than 60 academic, athletic, spiritual and service clubs and organizations, the school provides many opportunities for students to make new friends who share the same interests.
Being involved becomes something to look forward to, get excited about, and gain experience in.
If a student wants something rewarding, they should stay after school and volunteer. This may sound cheesy, but doing things like volunteering at animal shelters or food drives gives students a warm fuzzy feeling in their stomach.

When students know they have helped someone or made a positive impact on that person’s life, they get an unexplainable sense of achievement. They just want to do it more and get more involved, which is very fulfilling.

Volunteering and participating in clubs not only can be extremely fun but they also look great on college applications. They’re not a waste of time, but very beneficial those who want to get into a top-ranked college. When students find clubs that interest them early on in high school, it decreases the stress of trying to get all their volunteer hours last-minute during senior year because they want to get into a good college.

Taking club meetings off the announcements in the mornings has made it harder, but not impossible, to know what clubs there are and when they meet. Students can find the information by looking at posters in the halls and the projector in the cafeteria.

With all the clubs Creek has to offer, there must be something everyone can join. See the school website for an updated description of all clubs and their sponsors.