Baseball team advances to playoffs round two

The spirit behind the team.

After seven long years, the men’s varsity baseball team has made playoffs. As the team gears up to tackle new opponents in the postseason, they reflect on what makes their team successful.
The Cougars’ March 25 15-0 win over Cypress Ridge secured their advance to the playoffs..
“That [win] is clenching playoffs, baby,” shortstop and third baseman senior Braylon Mitchell said. “We got the win 15 and 0, they low-key gave it to us. They walked everybody in the first inning and we capitalized on it.”
The Cougars continued their momentum by beating Cypress Ridge in a similar fashion on April 28, with a score of 6-0. Mitchell believes that team spirit is a well-defined backbone.
“The dudes that only pitch are in a dugout talking noise,” Mitchell said. “I got to give a little shout-out to Matthew Handojo. That was my dog talking to us in the dugout.”
Relief pitcher junior Mathew Handojo said he wants to stand out.
“I want to separate myself and the team,” Handojo said. “I want to be something that nobody else is. I like to make weird jokes, I like to make people laugh. Me and Caden and Brooks, we have a lot of energy and we just like to bring that to the field. Sometimes it can make other people question us, but I think that’s an original thing that we both have, you know?”
The Cougars carried their momentum into the first playoff game against Houston Heights on May 5. Cougars won with a score of 7-3 and took home the series after winning their second game 3-2.
The team will next face Katy Tompkins at the Cypress Springs field on Thursday at 6:30 p.m.