Marching band showcase builds skill, connection with middle schools


Photo by: Brianna Jimenez

Cougar Band performs at the Sept. 9 varsity football game against Cy Ranch at Pridgeon Stadium.

Band participated in the Cypress Showcase Marching Festival Oct. 8 and showed eighth graders from Bleyl Middle School what it is like to be marching next year at football games.

Band director Mr. Kevin Wood enjoys the rehearsals with the students, both here at Creek and with middle schools.

“We are very active in our middle schools Campbell, Bleyl, and Hamilton,” Wood said. “[We] visit all three schools each week.”

Wood notes that band’s student leaders contribute to the organization’s success.

“We’ve had a really successful band camp, the students are making progress each week,” Wood said. “Our student leaders are outstanding this year, and being great examples and help motivate everyone for their best performances.”

Senior and head drum major Camille Gonzales is one of the student leaders in band.

“I absolutely love being a drum major,” Gonzales said. “It’s just such an amazing experience and you’re like one of the big leaders of the band, and you’re just kind of doing everything and it’s been a really rewarding experience for me.”

The Oct. 8 competition allowed band members to practice for University Interscholastic League (UIL) competitions.

“The competition felt like a good test run,” Gonzales said. “Through more rehearsals and more reps of our full run throughs, I think it will be a lot better, but I know for our competitions it wasn’t as good as we could’ve done.”

Band also provides an opportunity for students to connect throughout their high school experience.

“There is a really good sense of community within the band,” Gonzales said. “I know all of the leaders are just genuine and charitable and try to help the sections. More recently, it’s been keeping the energy up and being positive.”

Gonzales has been in band since sixth grade and intends to continue with band after graduating.

“Whenever I go to college, I’m going to be in music, so band is like my favorite activity,” Gonzales said. “My whole life revolves around it, really. I think it’s just an amazing experience that I wish people could experience themselves.”

Senior and section leader Julian Bocanegra also sees these competitions as a chance to improve.

“I do think that I did well, but there were a lot of really dumb mistakes that I made because I was nervous at the first competition,” Bocanegra said. “Fortunately, I know what I did wrong and you can only go up from there.”

Bocanegra has also enjoyed his time with drumline.

“A lot of people know who we are. It can be a little demanding at times, but ultimately in the end it’s worth it,” Bocanegra said.

Being in drumline feels great to Bocanegra and he would be happy if anyone joined band and wants participants to be open to self improvement.

“There is definitely always something that could be improved, it’s just that you can tell someone to improve something so many times, but it’s hard for that to stick. It’s only if someone is actively trying to improve upon those things that they get better,” Bocanegra said. “So yes there are things that we could improve upon, but unless we’re all putting in effort, it’s less likely we will see the improvement.”