Asian Student Association unites students, helps community


After seven years, Cy Creek’s Asian Student Association (ASA) has been revived by a group of students and a teacher who created a sense of community among her students.

ASA was founded by junior Chenyue Jiang. She was inspired to create ASA after her friend from another high school approached her.

“My friend from Cy-Fair High School is an officer in their ASA,” Jiang said. “One day he told me, ‘You should start an ASA,’ randomly and I was like, ‘You know what? Why not? Let’s show others what’s more to Asian culture.’”

However, this isn’t the first time Creek has had an ASA on campus, according to ASA Vice President and junior Manal “Verne” Khan.

“ASA was an old club that unfortunately disbanded a few years back,” Khan said. “While we understand many volunteering clubs already stand, we want to make our focus on strengthening the relationship between the Asian students of Cy Creek as well as being able to spread our different cultures.”

Creating ASA was a process that required creativity and collaboration between other students and biology teacher, Stephanie Nguyen.

“I had to find a sponsor first then make a constitution with Ms. Nguyen,” Jiang said. “After that, I had to get [the club idea] approved and then find officers. Then we had to plan our first meeting.”

For Jiang, creating a club was not an easy task.

“In all honesty I was very confused on how to start a club at first,” Jiang said. “After all, this is my first club and there’s no instructions on how to start one. I’m very grateful for everyone that helped me when I had questions and especially my officers for agreeing to join ASA. It definitely made me feel less confused and stressed during the process.”

Ms. Nguyen said it is important to have an ASA on campus because it contributes to the diversity of Creek.

“Having an ASA on campus can help build our campus culture,” Ms. Nguyen said. “Students can find their voice in social-cultural clubs such as these, forming friendships and a sense of community on campus. Clubs like ASA also strengthen our ties in the community as well, as students work together to volunteer in the Asian American community around them.”

Students in ASA will be able to earn volunteer hours through helping at events.

“We intend to have fun events hosted at Asian based companies,” Khan said. “We want to not only encourage volunteering, but we also want to create a sense of community amongst us. We try our best to reach out to any possible volunteering events, regardless of ethnic background. The officer team agrees it is important to be able to give back to our society as much as possible.”

There will also be social events for members to enjoy.

“We will be focusing on creating fun socials and spreading Asian culture through it,” Jiang said.

Jiang hopes that through ASA, she can show people how complex Asian culture is and help others.

“I hope that ASA can open people’s eyes on the variety in Asian culture and help out the Asian community and many others,” Jiang said.

Khan hopes that ASA can unite Asian students and create a sense of pride.

“While it’s a bit redundant, our main goal is to build a strong Asian community within Cy Creek, who not only helps out, but is proud of who they are,” Khan said.

Like Khan, Ms. Nguyen hopes ASA will bring students together.

“I hope the students will find a sense of community and belonging here in ASA,” Ms. Nguyen said. “By joining a club like this, they can share more about their culture, as well as learn from students of different cultures throughout Asia.”

For some students, finding a sense of belonging in ASA is an exciting thing. ASA member and junior Dana Prakhin said she is excited to find and meet new people who are similar to her.

“I’m excited about being able to be in a group of people who are just like me and have been through the same things as me,” Prakhin said.

ASA media team and member Shirley Nguyen said she is excited about learning in ASA.

“I’m most excited to learn about different Asian cultures and how we’re connected through our ethnicities at Creek,” Nguyen said. “ASA is all about the Asian community and service and that’s something I think myself, along with other members, can really look forward to this year.”

Both Nguyen and Prakhin hope to form new relationships and bond with people over shared experiences.

“From being in ASA, I hope to experience the growing of many bonds with people with similar backgrounds as myself,” Nguyen said.

“I hope I find new friends who I can relate to,” Prakhin said.

ASA meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month in Ms. Nguyen’s room, 1255. You can join their Remind at @creekasa22. You can find more information on their Instagram page, @cycreekasa.