Ramadan Eats: Jalebi

Sweet as jelly and fried to a gentle crisp, Jalebi is a truly delectable delight and one of many desserts and snacks served during Ramadan.

Ramadan is an annual Islamic practice in which adherents are tasked with fasting during all hours of daylight for the duration of a month. In this final segment of Ramadan Eats, the duality of the Jalebi as both a dessert and a snack will be explored.

As adherents adjust to the practice of fasting, both the quality and quantity of their appetite undergoes intense changes. Whether it be choosing to eat less, or even the type of food people consume, these changes can manifest in many ways.

Because of these resulting changes of Ramadan, certain South Asian and Muslim cultural foods are reserved for this month along with other special occasions, such as weddings or birthdays.

Jalebi in particular is especially common during special occasions as its bright orange exterior gives it a lively and festive reputation that fits with its delectably sweet taste.

Made from fried loops of dough and covered with sugary syrup, Jalebi’s distinctive look and easy accessibility make it one of the most popular items served during Ramadan.

Jalebi first originated in South Asia, as many people observe the practice of Ramadan in that region. Jalebi has since spread all across the world, even venturing into local restaurants and stores in the Houston area where anyone can try these delicacies today.